INDIA, what you need to know to prepare your trip

To travel to India is to transport yourself to another world, from the moment you leave the airport and head to the city your eyes will not want to blink to not lose detail. Here everything is different, their habits, their clothing, your food, the smells and colours, the environment and the energy you feel …

And from the beginning of your arrival you realize that in India … ALL IS POSSIBLE!!

Country that leaves no one indifferent, hated by some and loved by others. I will tell you based on my experience after traveling the Inda for a month. And I assure you that I am one of those who love India!

If it is true that India was my first trip alone and backpack on my back, but being the first I decided, because of the fear of the new and not experienced before, to be part of a Facebook group of people traveling to India during that year. That way we could contact each other so we could meet in India and share part of the trip. This is a good option for those who want to travel but not having with whom.

Anyway, I encourage you to travel even without company. During the trip, when traveling alone, we know so many people with whom to share, whether it be four words or four days en route.


  • TRAVEL ROUTE (MAP) – New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Diu Island, Ahmedabad, New Delhi.
  • PREPARATION OF THE TRIP – flights, organization, transportation, hotels, guides..
  • WHAT TO SEE IN: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Diu Island, Ahmedabad
  • TIPS- to travel to India




To travel to India you need a visa. For this you can hire whoever manages it or you can order it directly, either personally in their offices or online. I managed it particularly online. You must do it in advance because they ask you to send your passport and some completed documentation. Then they send it back to you by mail. That is why; the first thing you should ask for is the visa.


The first thing was to look for flight, it is clear that there are infinite possibilities where to get a flight, each has its own strategies to get the cheapest flights. I usually look for Skyscaner, and compare with the websites of the companies.

How to get cheap flights


Regarding vaccines, you have all the information on this website:


Once I have my flight in hand, I began to plan the route to follow. What cities or towns I wanted to visit for that you have wide information online.

 It’s also true, that once there you meet people, you join them, and … fuck the route planning! But it is necessary to know what you are going to do during the days that your trip lasts, for many changes that you then make in situ.


At that time, I looked for hotel and restaurant recommendations for each site I wanted to visit. However I did not make any hotel reservation more than the first night.

Here is the doubt, I reserve accommodation or not? I would say that that always depends on the place you visit, the length of your trip and especially the type of trip you want to do.

And if it serves as advice, I went crazy looking for several hotel options and restaurants in each city I wanted to go to, I had everything very prepared. But when I was there I could not find anything, not even with maps! Until you take the role of the country, you can spend about 3 weeks…

In India they are all cousins ​​of all and everyone has a hotel wherever you are or where you go. Everyone will offer you the thousand and one …

As I told you, I used to see places where I wanted to go. It’s sometimes as easy as asking to see the room before, enough to fall in good port.

Keep in mind that in India you will find rooms of all prices, from € 3 to the most luxury. For my first night, I booked a room at a hotel with airport pick-up for € 30, ah! And breakfast included. Evidently that was more a hotel than all the other lodgings I was in. Now, yes, the stains on the sheets and the dirty environment ruled every part of the establishment. And that does not mean that they do not clean! With this I mean that for a hotel of 20-30 € per night I prefer the Guesthouse for my experience because of much cheaper prices and more familiar treatment.

Here I must say that I never book a hotel in advance, as I came to the place I was looking for a place to sleep. Keep in mind the times when you arrive at the sites. It is not the same to arrive at 12 o’clock at noon than at 3 o’clock in the morning. Yes, you arrive at the time you arrive there is a group waiting to offer accommodation, taxi … if you arrive at high hours is the only option to find a place. You can also try and go knocking on doors; nobody opened it to us…

Many of the Guesthouses close the doors with padlocks. It’s good to bring your own padlock from here (and safer).


The plane is most practical, fast and expensive…. Especially if the distances are very long, there is no other way but to fly. And believe me; in India the distances can be very long.

But transportation in India has nothing to do with what is known in other countries. Traveling by train in India is like a new journey in which you are already doing.

It is clear that there are also trains with premium tickets, but if what you really want is to know India, do not forget to take one of its local trains in which the journey lasts 4 times more.

What you should take into account are the routes to be taken and the time it takes to be sure that you arrive on time. Here distances can end up being eternal. However, the whole country has a good rail network that connects towns and cities, take more or less to arrive.


This is something to keep in mind, since many tours can be done during the night and thus save money in accommodation.

What you should take a look at is where the stations are in each city to be able to go there and book your ticket. Another option is to buy it through the many agencies that are there and you shouldn’t to go to the station. But it’s more expensive than if you go buy it yourself.

I bought there a kind of magazine with all the trains and routes throughout India. It’s fantastic! Because, there are routes that are not done in reverse.

Another option is to travel by bus, this is an adventure! The roads in India are not the best of the country. The holes found along the road are noticed by the bus and all its passengers. Especially if the trip is at night and you are stretched out sleeping, I assure you that your head will make a close friendship with the roof!


I believe it is imperative for any trip in which more than one city is visited to take your guide, whether purchased or made by yourself, with information of all kinds relevant to your trip.

I have travelled with and without a guide, and evidently without information you are more lost.



The luggage you use will always depend on the type of trip you take. I personally recommend going backpack on the shoulders in India. India is not a place where you can wear your best clothes, or high-heeled shoes.

 With 4-5 shirts, a pair of pants, 2 pieces of long sleeves and some sneakers you have more than enough (without forgetting the underwear). At the Guesthouse you can usually wash your clothes or ask to be washed for a small fee.

What are good to bring is a little kit, what you need, something for vomiting, diarrhoea, and dehydration and above all a good mosquito repellent. In a matter of personal hygiene, you can easily buy there.

It does not hurt to bring a mosquito net (although I do not use it throughout the trip).


Delhi, the two indies
Agra, only for you, Taj Mahal
Jaipur, a city of contrasts
Púshkar, a city that falls in love
Jodhpur, the blue city
Udaipur, the magic city
Jaisalmer, the quiet city
Diu, the unknown island


  • It is essential to carry out a roll of paper, always, in your backpack. In general, I never found paper in the services. They are cleaned with the right hand. That’s why they always eat with the left.
  • Carry padlocks and better take them from your country. The guest house can also be used to close the door of the room . Another smaller to always leave the zippers of your backpack or suitcase closed.
  • If you travel by train and the journey is by night or long, do not take the cheapest ticket.
  • Do not drink water without bottling. I even wash my teeth with bottled water. And when I had showering my mouth tightly closed.
  • Bargain, bargain and bargain … for everything. Less in the restaurants I bargained where it would be !!
  • Look at the sky every night and contemplate the firmament is its greatest splendour. The stars seem to be closer.


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