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Today I’m not going to talk about any specific place, but about someone in particular.

It was my friend Nina who told me about Matteo. A new friend of his, Italian, who met on his trip to the Dolomites.

  Well, Nina told me that her friend Matteo was planning to take a trip from the Dolomites (to get an idea of Venice up to the interior) to Barcelona on foot, yes, on foot ….

It was something that fascinated me, a trip whose destiny is the way to go, just like life itself … Without time more than the one that marks your steps when walking. And so we counted the days with Nina to find out when her expected visit was coming

And, after knowing him, I can say that of course, Matteo Piva, born in October of ’90, knew how to reach the top …. In the Town Festival of the town.

But before arriving here (Sant Feliu de Guíxols) his adventure was step by step. Pulling your cart while it is full of experiences in the course of your trip.

And who better than him to explain it:

“I left 3 months ago (May 5) from Pecol, a small town in the Zoldo Valley. The route was to go down to the city Belluno first, then to go up to Trento and back down through Lake Garda, then I passed through Lombardy and Piemonte. The first a heat of the host and many fields and the second many vines and beautiful places. Then I went through Liguria and from there I started

I started the Costa route … I entered France, I did before the blue coast and then the Camargue … The coast has an incredible sea and the Camargue is full of nature, horses, bulls, flamingos, that is to say along the coast until I passed the Spain / France front and here I returned home. Before all the small towns until arriving at the Cap de Creu and afterwards I always went down the coast until arriving at Barcelona. On August 5th💪 “Matteo Piva

When I met him I wanted ask him about his experience, which impelled him to travel on foot, and believe me, after talking with him, and following his adventure, I understand perfectly.

“I’m walking why I can enjoy any moment. Imagine, a car to do 30 km does in half an hour, I to do 30 km I’m all day. That is, imagine how many details I can see walking and why walking alone is the maximum expression of freedom. You can stop when you feel like it, eat what you want, when you want, you can do anything in your head. Only you decide and it’s incredible…🤩 and because from my point of view talking to people is the best way to get to know a town or a city and walking you can know all🤩 now the trip will continue, I will go north towards the Basque country and then the idea is to go to Portugal and we’ll see😂 “Matteo Piva

I just needed to ask him one thing more…

And you experience in the Costa Brava?

“The idea of ​​being able to see any town on the Costa Brava made me crazy, I was very excited that it was something of the other world and it did not disappoint me, it was something simply incredible. Each corner is a surprise, the sea has colours so beautiful that not to jump into the water would be crazy. The road from Sant Feliu to Tossa is simply spectacular. In my life I was lucky enough to see many places of dreams, but what the Costa has given me has nothing compared to anything. The coast also “created” some problems. Twice my poor cart broke, the shaft broke. But the good thing about these trips is that people are always available to help you so that your dreams can continue … “Matteo Piva

For all those who want to follow the adventure of Matteo, and I assure you that it is worth it, because nobody gets rooms with better views than him …

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