The “ Sunshine Blogger Award” is given to new bloggers to recognize their efforts at their first steps. So, I feel very excited that my site “Rincones de la Costa Brava” was nominated and finally won the “Sunshine Blogger Award 2018” thanks to Αλεπουδίτσα Περιπλανώμενη, a greek girl who loves traveling and shares her amazing stories in her wonderful site The Wandering Foxy ! Thank you so much for the honor! Check her Nominees  here!

Here are the rules of “The Sunshine Blogger Award”:

Now, it’s time to answer the interesting questions that  The Wandering Foxy asked me:

1.-Tell me a favorite thing you always take with you when you travel and why!

Always travels with me a very special necklace. This necklace carries ashes of my father, he died 10 years ago. But he’s still traveling with me!

2.-Do you prefer to take pictures of yourself, of local people or landscapes and why?

I prefer local people and landscapes, I prefer to be in the background. But I know that fans like to know about us and that’s why I also take pictures of myself.

3.-Share with me a touching memory of your trips!

Only one! ? So I am left with the gratitude I still feel for all the owners and guests of the La petitte Keppa (indonesia) hotel who visited me in my cabin. I was sick and could not walk, they brought me food and worried about me.

4.-Do you prefer luxury trips or not and why?

No! Because you can find luxury anywhere, if you want to know the country, leave the luxuries aside!

5.-What is your favorite means of transport and why?

Car or motorcycle. For the freedom to go, come, stop and pursue at will!

6.-Are you affected by stereotypes of each country and why?

I do not usually pay attention to stereotypes, unless my security is in danger.

7.-Which continent have you visited most?


8.-Which destination seems impossible to you yet but you’ll never stop trying until you visit it and why?

Egypt, because my father wanted to go. It is a culture that fascinated him. And sooner or later we will go together energetically!

9.-Do you seek or avoid tasting local dishes and why?

I look for them, I love knowing the local gastronomy. Always as in a place focused on the locals, never in a restaurant for tourists.

10.-Have you ever met Hippies on your way and what was your opinion about them and why?

Yes and I love it! For their state of inner peace, their lifestyle and the energy they give off!

11.-How do you feel when you visit Temples of another religion and why?

The temples I love for their architecture, but instead I do not like any religion, because it makes us different from each other and we are not really different.

Now, it’s time to announce you my Nominees

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My own questions to my Nominees:

1. How do you prefer to travel, alone, accompanied, in couple, with the family? Why?
2. Where do you prefer to travel, to cities or towns? Why?
3. Would you travel to a country in political conflict? Why?
4. Have you found yourself in a situation where your safety has been compromised? Tell me?
5. In any of your trips have you found yourself in a situation where you thought: who is sending me here?
6. How do you prefer to stay, couchsurfing, hostel, B & B, hotel? Why?
7. Do you use other people’s blogs to organize your trips? Would you buy downloadable guides in these blogs? What content would be essential for you, maps, photos, explanations?
8. What place in the world has impressed you the most? What sensations did you have when you first saw it?
9. Have you had the sensation in one of your trips to feel: This is my place !?
10. Do you prefer to visit places in your country or do you prefer to go far away? Why?
11. Do you prefer to hire services (excursions, guides, tours) or do you prefer to go on your own?

Good luck and enjoy the trips!

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