Cala S’Agüia, belongs to the beautiful town known as “Puerta de la Costa Brava“, Blanes. Little known by visitors, it is a sight to behold, it is a very suitable cove for artistic photography and snorkeling.

Length: 70m

Types of sand: pebbles and rock formations.

Accesses: on foot.

Distance from the center: 800 m. approx.

Services: Ideal beach for scuba diving.

Cala S’Agüia is located next to the Botanical Garden Piña de Rosa, in fact it is from its parking where the pedestrian path begins that after 700 meters crossing a very wooded area, the forests of Sant Francesc, takes us to a landscape to frame, Cala S’Agüia.

Cala S’Agüia is located on a small bay with a tremendously irregular coastline, the most typical of the Costa Brava. Its orientation and geographical location makes it a quite well protected cove, where you want to snorkel.

The floor of the cove has no sand and is composed exclusively of pebbles and even large rock formations.

Agüia means “Needle” and the name comes from the rocky point that protects it to the north. On both sides of the cove there are islands of great visual attraction.

We must be aware that if we do not take care of our environment, there will come a time when many things we do will not be able to carry them out. Therefore, I urge you to respect all the places I show you, as if it were your house, as it is!

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