Cala Morisca is one of those idyllic coves that the coast between Lloret and Tossa gives us.
And this is because Cala Morisca meets the various conditions that virgin beaches on the Costa Brava normally have: it has no buildings in sight, no services, its access is not direct for vehicles and it has little influx, even in the middle of summer. That’s why it’s worth enjoying this secluded cove.

Length 40

Ample 10

Sand type Medium 

Bathing conditions Good 

How to get there By car on the GI-682 road (Blanes-Lloret).

Located to the south after the bay of Llorell, and after passing the Cap de Bou. Cala Morisca in turn forms another small bay surrounded by cliffs, which makes it really invisible from the rest of the nearby beaches.
Cala Morisca, for its shape and rocky configuration is very suitable for fishing and snorkeling. In addition it is oriented to the south-east and the north wind of the Tramuntana does not impact directly against her.
To get to Cala Morisca you have to do part of the journey on foot, so you should not go overloaded. In Cala Morisca there is no restaurant or other establishment and I advise those who want to go to Cala to go well-shod and with a little drink or fruit, and those who go snorkeling must bring the equipment with himself.

Cala Morisca is a unspoilt beach on the Costa Brava. Access is via a trail and is a bit tricky, but the effort is well worth it as we find a barely visited beach with crystal clear waters and golden stones.

We must be aware that if we do not take care of our environment, there will come a time when many things we do will not be able to carry them out. Therefore, I urge you to respect all the places I show you, as if it were your house, as it is!

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