Camino de Ronda is the name by which the road that crosses the entire Costa Brava is known, following its coastline. Formerly it was used by both fishermen and the Civil Guard to control the Spanish maritime border and prevent smuggling.


The Camino de Ronda is known for its wonderful views of the Costa Brava. It is one of the options that you should not miss on your visit to the Costa Brava. Well, a walk between the blue of the sea and the green of the pines is always a sweet moment to keep in your memories.

It is a good option both for those who want to do a hiking route and for those who want a simple walk or a little adventure.

The Camino de Ronda is a route to be done on foot. You will find more difficult sections and others easier, the unevenness varies a lot depending on the section you are. Even depending on the season, due to the storm, it is possible that some part of the road is inaccessible. However, you can carry it out at any time of the year, always being very careful.

Section towards Sant Antoni de Calonge

Depending on the section of the Camino de Ronda that you do, it will be suitable or not for people with less physical condition, even for children. Due to the distance to be covered and the difficulty in the unevenness of the section.

On the Camino de Ronda there are indicated sections, but there are different sections that are completely virgin and without any indicative signs. So it’s easy to get lost along the way.

Section of the road towards Calella

I propose these different routes for sections of the Camino de Ronda to do it in a smoother way, without the need for technical material. Carrying out only small sections and being able to alternate other options in addition to the Camino de Ronda.

Section from Calella de Palafrugell

I will be adding sections, until not one is missing!

Here I leave you other routes to know the towns that you will find during the Camino de Ronda.

I leave you the video of one of the sections, this is from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Sant Pol Beach.


We must be aware that if we do not take care of our environment, there will come a time when many things we do will not be able to carry them out. Therefore, I urge you to respect all the places I show you, as if it were your house, as it is!

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