It has always been said that traveling to a place where you know someone is to travel in another way, well, that’s the idea!There is no one better to indicate than a local resident. And that’s why I’m here to show you everything I know in 38 years of life in these lands that …. I’m in love.

Rincones de la Costa Brava is a Travel blog to discover and enjoy Costa Brava in a different way.

It is born from my pleasures in teaching this area to my friends from outside, travel and the photography.

Here you can:

And all this not only of the Costa Brava, but of all those corners of the world where I have been, visited or explored.

And... who will show you all this?

Well…. myself, Hello! My name is Anna, I was born in Girona, and I have lived on the Costa Brava most of my life. Specifically in S’Agaró. I have heard that before you are born, you choose the place where you want to do it. I do not know if it’s true, but if it is, I could not have chosen a better place!

Take a while to make my first trip alone. But it’s never too late if happiness is good. Therefore I do not intend to stop traveling.Well what is this life but a great journey of learning?

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