JAISALMER the quiet city

The city of Jaisalmer is located on the top of a yellowish sandy rock and is crowned by the Jaisalmer Fort. Many of the temples and buildings are sculpted with great wealth. The city is located in the Thar desert and has a population of around 78,000 inhabitants. Nicknamed “The Golden City” because of the golden color that yellow sand gives to the city and its surroundings.

Jaisalmer, I was surprised, it’s a magical city, for its environment and its people. It’s very arid, because you have the desert next to it. From here you can hire excursions to the desert.


The visit to Fort Jaisalmer transports you to other times and fascinates you by its construction.

It is believed to be one of the few “living strongholds” in the world, since almost a quarter of the population of the old city still resides within the fortress. The enormous walls of yellow sandstone of the fortress are of a color during the day, and are transformed when the sun sets, thus camouflaging the fortress in the yellow desert. For this reason it is also known as Sonar Quila or Golden Fort. The fort is located in the middle of the sandy expanse of the Thar desert, on Trikuta hill.


Another place that deserves a visit is the Gadisar Lake. A place of peace and tranquility that catches you for a moment.

It is an artificial lake. This lake was created to supply water to farmers in the area, which increasingly demanded more. Currently this lake is not used to supply water to the population

Thus, this small reserve of water acquired a special importance among the population and little by little the temples were built.

Rowboats and pedals are available to enjoy a short walk on the lake.

We were lucky to find an Indian wedding. Of course, it’s very different from here. They were in a procession of music and colours for their clothes, dancing on the street all the guests with the couple, inviting everyone with whom they crossed.

Girls, I must advise you that if you find a wedding and you feel like dancing, do not join the group of men. I did it, and in my life I’ve felt such harassment. The hands touched me all over my body. You must bear in mind that in India sex is a taboo subject.


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