The small Cala d’En Trons is located on the abrupt strip of coastline located between the large sandy areas of the beaches of Lloret and Canyelles.

Length: 45

Width: 18

Type of sand: Medium, Rocks

Environment: Semi-urban

Despite being a relatively small cove, the number of people who frequent it in summer is surprising. It is one of those visually stunning coves, with big rocks and a wild look. In a rugged environment, nestled between cliffs and vegetation, access is not difficult. It can be reached by the coastal path that follows the Costa Brava starting from Lloret towards Tossa.

It is a rocky cove, with coarse sand, with a rich seabed ideal for snorkelling, spearfishing or shallow diving.

It is bounded by Punta des Cabdells, to the east, and by Punta Roja, to the west. After passing Punta des Cabdells, there are small coves such as Cala En Simó or Cala Gran, and islets such as Sa Tortuga, Sa Roja or Els Mulans. The whole area is somewhat uncomfortable to sunbathe, as it is very rocky, although it is ideal for angling and diving, thanks to the richness of its seabed.

We must be aware that if we do not take care of our environment, there will come a time when many things we do will not be able to carry them out. Therefore, I urge you to respect all the places I show you, as if it were your house, as it is!

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